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Dog Tales; What we can learn from dogs.

In a dog obedience class, a student without her own dog was paired with a well-trained Shetland sheepdog named Charlie. The student confidently issued verbal commands like “Sit!” and “Down!” but Charlie seemed indifferent. However, when she used hand signals, Charlie responded promptly.

What you may not realize is that dogs respond more reliably to hand signals than to verbal commands, especially when given by an unfamiliar person.

 How does this story help us in our day to day life?

Choose your communication appropriately: Just as dogs respond to different cues, your team and your customers may react better to certain communication styles.  Pay attention to how you convey information – are you using direct commands or subtle signals?  Sometimes, a gentle nudge, like a hand signal, can be more effective than a loud command.

Adapt to different styles: Just as Charlie adjusted to the student’s hand signals, be flexible. Adapt your communication style based on the situation and the people involved.  Sometimes, a gentle gesture can convey more than words.

So, the next time you’re tempted to “bark” commands, channel your inner dog trainer.  Choose your cues carefully, understand your audience, and remember that effective communication rises above "barked commands"


Have a great week!

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