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Playing Catch

Three Corner Woods

We are a small business dedicated to making your day .... a good day.  A sip of coffee, pet the dog, go for a walk, give a belly rub.

We are also dedicated to providing products that are made from American artisans who are dedicated to the social good and eco-friendly.  We strive tor the betterment of our communities while assuring the best for your pet and giving you a good cup of coffee.

Motivated to create awareness of the adoption of senior pets at shelters, in 2019, Jim Faust started Three Corner Woods within the Schiers Market in Chambersburg, where we still are today...and now online.



To create for every pet owner and their pets, an enjoyable day.

A good cup of coffee, the walk in the park, the belly rub and that rewarding treat!

Striving to be a responsible steward of our environment and the planet that we share.

Promote the awareness of pet adoptions from shelters/rescues, especially the adoption of senior pets.

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